Sunday, February 24, 2008

To be a kid again

I just love these photos of the kids. They are just so happy! It's not the smile-at-the-camera happy, or the smile-because-something-was-kind-of-funny happy. No, it's real genuine happiness. The kind we tend to forget when we become adults. The kind that is shoved beneath all the social "rules", all the "work", and the "reponsibility". But just think what examples we'd be setting for our kids if we were able to show them this kind of happiness. What would that tell them about life? My favorite moments are those in which I let myself be a kid again. I dare say these are probably their favorite moments too. Kids need structure, but they also need someone who can understand them. And what better to understand than to remember how to see the world through their eyes. Once there, the world is a much better place. I love it there.

Now I need to learn how to put down all those "responsibilites" just for a bit each day, to show my kids how to love and live life. I have a feeling this is much easier said than done, but something I long to relearn.

I guess the best teacher would be my kids themselves.

Now to convince myself to let go....

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