Thursday, February 28, 2008

and Another One Bites the Dust

Matt had been gone for as long as I can remember and it starts. I was the first to get a cold. Then Bug got some flu. As soon as he was getting better Ase got the same flu Bug had. Just as soon as she started to recover, it was Nutmeg's turn. I have had two weeks of nothing but being stuck at home with sick kids. After Nutmeg started to improve I started to get sick myself. This time with the rest of the cold I fended off two weeks ago. Finally we were all starting to feel normal again today when..... Matt comes home from school early because he was so sick. He's miserably sick. And you know how guys are when they're sick. They aren't just sick. The world has stopped spinning. They are laying in bed pleading for help. No one has ever felt this horrible before. They are worse than the kids. It's his first day back in the state, and he brings this with him. And it's different then what any of us have had. If he shares this with us... so help him. He'd better get back on a plane and not come back for a very long time!


nicole said...

Unreal!! Aubrey had to flu on Thursday and I am home right now from a family party because Brooklyn has it. And I just pray that Jeff don't get it!! You are not kidding when you say they are worse than the kids. My husband, if he gets up in the night to throw-up he comes back to bed and SHAKES his leg. I go crazy! It's nice to know we are not alone:) I am also thankful for my washing machine because that is ALL I have done for 3 days! Good Luck, love ya *nicole

April said...

Go to youtube and type in "man cold", it is hilarious and only slightly over dramatic!