Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You knew I was going to drag it out of them

at some point, right? I couldn't handle NOT shooting for that long. So even in the hotel I managed to drag them into it. :) It was kinda fun though, and the kids got a BIG kick out of what I was doing with their reflection!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Love me some cake

Every once in a while you get those years where you birthday is on a crappy day of the week. Not one of the awesome weekend ones. Well this year was a bit of that for poor Matt. We started our drive to Canada on Saturday. Sunday was Fathers Day, on which we drove all day. You can imagine of fun that was for him. He did get a watch he's really been wanting, but that was about it. The next day, Monday, was his birthday. We had just gotten into the hotel Sunday night... I knew nothing about the area... and he had to go to work. The kids and I did our best. Birthday gifts weren't the funnest. He's really getting this road bike he's been wanting.

But I couldn't very well pick that out without him.

Or drive it to Canada for that matter.

So he got a card. Saying he was getting a bike.

Super exciting. No?

The kids picked out their usual type of gifts. A bike bell (at least it went with the theme this year), and nerf football (one of the girls actually), cologne (no it wasn't me that picked it), and some chocolate eggs.

But the best part of it all was the cake. Oh that awesome so delicious cake. Luckily we had an awesome grocery store close by, so we drove over in hunt of a cake. Picked out this awesome looking/sounding cake. We dig in... and


We couldn't even eat the thing. Even the kids were talking about how gross it was, which kids are usually pretty adept at eating anything with frosting on it. The cream was horrible in it, the texture was disgusting... just the whole thing really. It was so bad, we still are laughing about it. Wow. And that was our first experience in Canada! Needless to say, the entire thing ended up getting thrown out. We did get to go to an awesomely nice Italian restaurant close by. So that helped even the score. Just a little though!

For me though, it was the best Father's Day/ Birthday because we actually got to spend it with him. I mean, really. Other than work.. one of the days he was trapped in the car the entire day with us. And then we had him all to ourselves in a little hotel room. We have been seeing so little of each other lately, that I was very happy. :) I love this man to death!

Love you babe! Happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

is it too much to ask ;)

for a little more space?

Haha! It really wasn't that bad. To be honest, I was dreading the whole hotel thing. I was being kind of a pain about it, but I'm also one that will just tough it up and be a brat at the same time. So that's what I was doing, but trying to leave out the brat part. But really, it worked out well. We had a suite, which was one actual bedroom, and then a living room with a pull out bed. It had a large kitchen table (which I did find odd since there was no kitchen. Just the mini fridge), but the space it gave us was greatly appreciated. I have found that my kids need a lot less than they have at home and they've been more occupied then ever. I don't understand that. I've also managed to get them all asleep in the same room. In the hotel it worked great. Here was the plan. In the morning at breakfast I was the one taking the kids down since Matt was already at work. So it was a slow-ish process. So the first one to sleep got to be the first one I'd help get breakfast for at the buffet. The last asleep was the last for breakfast. Worked like a charm. Pretty soon they were even pretending to be asleep so they could be first. Either way, I didn't care. They were in bed and quiet.. and that's all that mattered!

So we had about 3 weeks in that hotel... and although the city wasn't the funnest, it really did go by much quicker than I thought it would. The only issue was (well other than matt's birthday cake) was that I couldn't get my computer to run CS4 and my Quicken I so badly needed. So 2 laptops later, and 3 programs, with two different comp techs and we finally got it working. Yea!!! After that, it was all smooth sailing! Here it is though, a small glimpse into some of our days. I didn't take a lot of pictures, seeing as the subject, and scenery seemed to nearly always be the same. especially since we have just over a week of clothing... it always looks as if the same outfit is on!
(here's the kiddos in bed at the hotel)

I'll just say I was really thankful when she lost those nose plugs the first time she went in the pool. I didn't know how many trips to the pool I could take her looking like THIS!

This was the BEST fish and chips joint! Look at that thing, it takes up the entire plate! The fish was huge, the chips were great, and it was a first for the kids. Mmmmm....

Drawing and coloring were a great past time of the hotel room. Funny what they will resort too when there's nothing else to do! :)

Super tired naps. This thing has officially stayed up later than ever, on a consistent basis. This school schedule is going to rough in the beginning for all of us!

happiness found here:

Nothing makes me happier than when this guy laughs. I mean, when he finds something funny, it's a real laugh. And for someone as relaxed and expressionless has him... it's worth the wait. We just took the kids to go see Despicable me. He could not stop laughing the entire time! All those little yellow guys had to do was show up on the screen and he was dying. Seriously! And here my friends, who have not been so fortunate to experience this laugh of his, is what it looks like. Take a look and tell me that won't make you happy. :)

The second best? Just check it out. She discovered this on her own, and now does it every now and then. At just the right moment to get a good laugh from you. She looks right at you, and says: "look, I made two of you!" Good, right?

a LAST minute idea

What should we do tonight? I don't know, you don't have any ideas?

We have the hardest time coming up with things to do. Especially with the hours Matt's been working lately. I want the kids in bed, he wants time with the kids. It's hard to find a win-win solution. But this night, we found a winner! Although it sounded completely absurd, and had a feeling we'd be leaving very grumpy... it turned out to be a blast. We took the entire famiy to the driving range. Yes. Thats right. ENTIRE! And the girls were amazing. I guess I should clarify. Amazingly well behaved and happy. Their golf skills could use a bit more practice, as could mine! :)


Horses R where it's at

At least for my middle child. She wants to be a cowgirl, and an Olympic swimmer when she grows up. So naturally, being the awesome mom that I am, I got her riding lessons. She couldn't be happier! Well, except those days when they are running a little behind and I make her play model for me and my camera. mwahhhhhahaha :)

just a smile

Call it silly, or what you may, but smiley faces mean something special to me.

My Papa was an artist, and you'd see them creep up in things quite often.

My dad used that as his signature on everything. But his had a winking eye instead of the two generic circle eyes.

I even follow a blog that is all about faces found in random object, because it reminds me of these two very important people in my life. And really, what is there not to like about a happy face? Just makes you feel good if only for a brief second. So when I looked out my kitchen window and saw this one shining back at me, I was elated (and my kids thought it was just about the coolest thing ever)!

I took it as a sign that my Papa was smiling down on me in his own little way. I was oddly giddy inside it made me so happy. Then even happier that I could actually catch it in the camera. And it took us a VERY long time to figure out where the reflection was coming from. I almost didn't want to know because I didn't want the magic ruined. But curiosity killed the cat, and I discovered it. But trust me. That purse stayed there until there was no more smiley shining on our deck, and I now love that purse. Just because we had that brief moment of bonding. :)


I took the kids on a scavenger hunt a bit ago. I had heard about this tunnel, famous in Atlanta for it's graffiti, and decided I had to check it out. I'm a sucker for these types of things. Turns out, my middle child is too. As much as I think she didn't come from me, I keep seeing all these things that are the same.. and I just might have to claim her after all! I wasn't trying to hard to get any really cool photos... the kids (okay two kids) weren't digging it and I didn't dress any of them for it... but of course I took a few just the same. Some actually turned out okay. And the last, well that was all his idea! I have learned one thing though. If we are going to keep Bugs hair long enough to spike on the top.. the we need to actually do his hair. Makes impromptu pictures rather difficult. There are so many I don't dare show anyone because he's looking like some homeless kid of the street, and then you'd all see what kind of mom I really am!

spring in the atl

I'd have to say, just coming across this photo reminded me of spring in Atlanta. I mean, I could almost feel and smell spring outside, although it's not quite as pleasant right now. *sigh* The world is alive outside again. The blossoms are everywhere, although making it equally hard for those of us with allergies. The coolness in the air, that won't be there by 10am. The dew that covers everything. And maybe dew isn't quite the right word. Dew usually is a thin layer of water.. Spring here always looks like it just finished raining when you wake up in the morning. All of our pants were soaking the morning we walked in the grass for this picture. I just love it here in the spring. Almost makes the summer time worth it. :)

knick knacks

Okay, so this isn't really about knick-knacks... but that's kinda how I feel about these pictures. Just a little side decor to what was going on in life. But not a main focus. Something at some point that I wanted to say something about, but that ship has long sailed. So here I'll share a few with you, just because.. why not?

Nutmeg as been begging, no BEGGING to make these cupcakes since she first got the maker at Christmas time. We've been avoiding it ever since she made the first batch after she got it at Christmas time. Really, dread isn't quite a strong enough word. I'd read warning from disgruntled parents, but decided to be the cool parent and get one anyway. It's all she really really wanted. I should have listened. They are impossibly messy, taste like cardboard gone bad, and... well I can't think of anything good to say. Wait, there is one things. She still loves it all the same. So we finally pulled it out with her little friend down the street for round number two. And yes, the cupcake maker won again. Luckily, we are out of mix. So maybe I did win after all!

These little gems are a candy we brought back from Paris for the kiddos. They were actually supposed to be shared with the kids of my amazing bff who watched them all while we took our trip. I mean, really... 7 kids, Bug being the oldest at 7. WOW. But being the lame one I am, we totally forgot... took the whole bucket home, and it turned out to be a rockin cool treat the kids LOVED! I'm a shmuck. :)

We really had no clue what we were getting, but we lucked out. They are hollow little foam-ish things, that have a very sour but sweet powder inside. I even kept sneaking them when the kids weren't looking!

and really, you didn't want to miss out on this one did you? lol

Okay, so this isn't really about knick-knacks... but that's kinda how I feel about these pictures. Just a little side decor to what was going on in life. But not a main focus. Something at some point that I wanted to say something about, but that ship has long sailed. So here I'll share a few with you, just because.. why not?

some left overs

So there were a few left over pictures to share. So here you go.

The oldest bridge in Paris. Pont Neuf. Also conidered one of the most beautiful. (and a side note, this is probably my fave photo from the entire trip. well, without Matt it in obviously!)

Of course I have to give a shout out to all the pastries. I mean, how do the people not all weigh 300 pounds?

macaroons. worth every penny.

and this little shop was where we had breakfast every morning. Fresh fruit and some sort of cracker/cookie. The scale just wouldn't appreciate us eating at the cafe's every morning.

and I just don't think I'll ever tire of looking at the streets. The buildings are just so beautiful.