Thursday, December 23, 2010

Piano Recital!!

I can't believe I am going to my kids piano recitals. Really. I remember MINE! This is their first one ever,and they did a dang good job! And of course, on par for us getting out the door in one piece, we forgot their music. And although they've had it memorized for weeks, Nutmeg was really upset, saying she had to have it. The show did go on, she was second and Bug was third on the program. And yes, they rocked, WITHOUT their music! I'm a proud mama. :) And, oh... due to technical difficulties with the camera... this is all we have. A friend took some more, so when we get those, I'll add them to these two lonely pictures. *sigh*

Thursday, December 16, 2010

hEr cHrISTMaS pROgrAm

Loved how she was too shy to even get on the stage for weeks as they practiced. We had to bribe her with a reward chart just for getting up there. But once she did, she had no problems when it can to performace day. She didn't just go up there, she sang every song and waved a ba-jillion (as the kids how much that is.. I'm not sure yet) times, with a big smile! So stinkin cute! Don't worry though, my camera was acting up again, and we had no flash. So here is the super power of my ISO. Not great, but got the job done. And then a few after the program. She is such a ham. :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

kids photos- check

I don't know what to say other than, I love my kids. Really really love my kids. They bring me so much joy and happiness (along with many other things!). *sigh* Some of my favorite people in the world.

family photos -check

I am very proud of my husband. I hadn't bothered to get our family photos yet. Didn't know what I wanted, where I wanted, clothes or anything. And to be honest... I didn't want to know. I had vicariously taken our family photos through all the other family photos I took this year. I was done. But no, HE actually made it happen. Wow. Sunday before church, we ran out and grabbed some. Well, ran and grabbed would be all to quick for what happened. But I will say, we made very good time! And I'm glad he made it happen, because I would have regretted it had we not. Thanks babe!