Saturday, February 9, 2008

A few of my favorite

I've missed you all! It's been a few days, but I just really couldn't figure out what to write about. When I don't feel good, I always have a hard time with my feelings. They become really cloudy. So I figured I'd wait the storm out.

Today while scrubbing my bathroom (okay, pick yourself up off the floor) I saw this ceramic pot and became so happy inside. I do every time I see it. I'm not sure exactly why. Maybe it's because one of my favorite people in the world gave it to me. Maybe it's because of the beautiful warm brown color (I love brown), or the simple silhouette it sets. At first, I wasn't sure where to put it. Everywhere I tried it just didn't fit right. The size was off, the color was wrong, there was nothing to compliment it. Then I found this spot on my bathroom counter and knew this was where it had to go. I felt guilty at first, putting my gift in the bathroom. I was almost embarrassed the first time she saw it there on my counter. As if I had nothing better to do with it than the bathroom. The bathroom where I would be one of the only ones who saw it. But for some reason, this is where it belonged. I 've since learned why. Every morning when I get ready for the day, it fills my heart with happiness. Every night when I get ready for bed, it fills my heart with joy. I love this little pot, and know that it will most likely always be in my bathroom where I have the chance to pass by on more than just the infrequent occasion.

This ceramic pot brought me to thinking about all those little things that bring joy into my life. I'm not talking about "moments" or "memories". I'm talking about can- buy-it-with-money things. I feel that what is in our home should be us. People should almost know who we are when they walk through the house. There is no purpose of burdening yourself down with stuff that you don't love. We all already have too much stuff. And if we buy what we love, then we will love what we have. And our walls will be a reflection of what we are inside. Obviously this doesn't mean you have to have money. Quite the opposite. If you could have an entire room from Pottery Barn, you might like it, and it would look nice. But you wouldn't love it. You didn't fall in love with it, and then have to find that perfect spot for it. You didn't have to search it out, or save up to get it. It wasn't something tucked away, that you found by chance. Just like with our friends, our emotions, our love; you only want to let the best in, and let the rest find some else to take them home!

So here's what I'm up to now. I'm gonna find those things that get me excited. Those things that create emotion every time I see them. There are so many things I do love, which I've been able to acquire through the years, but there are a select few that create emotion in me. I want to see just how many things there are. You should try it. Tell me about you, by the stuff around your house that you love. Maybe we could do this together. And don't worry. You'll know "it" when you see "it". You just have to listen. -Which may be harder than you think!


Mrs. JoAnne Mabey said...

this is definately worth dwelling on.... i will see what i can come up with.... does my wedding ring count?

Becki Kanigan said...

great pictures Dia! I loved it. I especially like that shirt!