Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rainy Fridays are the best!

Friday was a good day! Nothing but rain and more rain. It felt really good to have a day like this, and I think the kids agreed. All they wanted to do was to play outside in the rain. I was up for it, although a little on the chilly side. So the kids pulled out the bikes, and had a blast! Sometimes I just wish I was a kid again. :) I wanted to put this up yesterday, because by now it's "old news", but I just couldn't bring myself to get on the computer. It wasn't on ALL DAY! Now that says something! So here's summary of yesterday outside.

I think this would have to be one of my favorite shots. She actually posed with a face, and I had to stop myself from laughing out loud!

This was one of my favorite moments:
Nutmeg: Does this face look like I'm trying hard to win a race?"
Me: "No, it looks like your trying to poop"
nutmeg laughing hysterically, and then cracking up every time she thought about it

When asked if I could get just one picture of him. I guess he let me....

This would be our version of "Speed Racer". Now this type of picture he thought was very cool, hence I HAD to take about 30 more.

Still laughing to herself about the comment earlier

trying to figure out more cool Speed Racer moves he could do

And when it was all done, this is how we all went in. Soaked up to the knees, or close too, wet shoes and socks, and very happy. Next in line was some warm apple cider (we were sadly out of hot chocolate) with some popcorn and High School Musical. Who cares what's for dinner!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New method

That hubby of mine decided to iron the other day. It's not something he ever asks me to do for him, and I don't like it... so I he'd have to ask if he wanted it done. He's always done it when he needs it done. But it's been awhile and lets just say it didn't go to successfully. This is what I found later that night.

Yes. It is in the garbage can. Do you think it would work if I applied this technique to the dishes? ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Okay, I don't usually do these chain-tag things on here. Just don't have the time, although I love to read others. But this one I just did out of curiosity.. and then had to post because, well. Was it funny?

Here’s how it works: Google “[your first name] needs” and share the first 10 results.
That's it: it is that simple.
But be honest! Anyone else want to play?
Here is my list:

1. Diana needs: a wealthy husband (won't turn it down :))
2. Diana needs: a nickname (kinda hard with my name)
3. Diana needs: a message in a bottle (kind of romatic-y)
4. Diana needs: facebook (too late.. got it)
5. Diana needs: drinks and hugs (it might help)
6. Diana needs: esophageal diseases (??? I dont' even know what to say)
7. Diana needs: US!!! (I do! I do! wait, who's us?)
8. Diana needs: to be more like Emma Frost (I'll work on that right after... laundry!)
9. Diana needs: Expressions of Life (that boring huh?)
10. Diana needs: to go this week. (anywhere, I won't even ask and I'm happily gone!)

Besides that, all I really need is a man who will cook for me!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

two fashion proned girls

Frequently I've been happy to share with you the styles of Nutmeg and her future endeavors as a fashion-ista. Looks like it's worn off on the youngest now! Nutmegs intent is to really become a rock star. And we all know you have to dress the part. Well, Ase's was more to be a princess. A princess with warm legs! They both have very different ides of what they are dressing as, but it looks so similar! Maybe there are some similarities between the two of them.

Small, but they are there!

That, and I think the monkey may of had some influence! ;)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

learning toughness at school

If she hasn't learned anything else (which by the way she has) I know she just had a lesson on toughing it up. This is what I found when I picked up her up from school. It doesn't look near as bad as it was really. Another kid "collided" with her and she was the one resulting in injury. Poor thing. I guess she was pretty shaken up, and the teacher actually wanted to call me... but the school said no, since she didn't need to go to the hospital. :( Funny she hasn't complained too much. That's not like her! Now if she could toughen up like that at home.... ;)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

It all started for us about 7:00 this morning, and considering the kids were up until 9 last night... that was WAY to early! And they were NOT going to let us sleep in. Any other morning, sure. But not today. Naturally. After some breakfast the boys took off to help a friend move into a new house. So us girls, girlified! We have pink sugar cookie hearts, and pink milk. Heart shaped sandwiches, and heart shaped cards. Pink clothes (however I don't know if Nutmeg will get her way all day...I'm in pink pajama pants!), pink painted nails, and now.. a very valentiney hair-do. I think the boys are going to be very glad they escaped for a bit! Nutmeg has 2 hearts in her hair, one on each side, and Ase just has one on the top. It was so easy, and super cute!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Paying it forward

I got this from my friend Becky. I thought it was so cool, so had to jump on board. Thanks for inspiring us all do good! You always have! :)

Pay it forward...

This is how it works..... The first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive a hand made gift from me during this year. When and what will be a surprise (but if there is anything in particular you like, let me know!) BUT, in order for you to leave a comment on my blog, you have to post this on your blog first. (That means that sometime during this year you will send a gift to 3 people as well.) Get it? So, the first 3 people to comment on this post will be the lucky ones!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I don't even like the color blue. But I guess, to be fair it was supposed to be purple. Not blue! I did like it though. A lot! I was so bored with my hair, and have always wanted to put some color in it. But my husband, as much as he is an amazing person, was completely against it. Why, I'm not sure. Not very professional he'd say. Um... hello! I work at home. How much more condusive could it be. So I decided to get some purple put in. Just a couple hidden streaks in the middle. And I wanted a really deep purple. One that you'd look at and say "Is that purple? No it's just black... wait. I think it really is purple" type of purples. Yea, it wasn't. It was blue. Very true, blue. Again, I really didn't care. But Matt really did. He just kept repeating that it will wash out soon. Which it does, sadly. But the poor guy. He's been waiting for it to disappear, which it nearly has, to find me today saying I'm going to get some more color back on there. Yea, I think he's glad to go on another trip! But now I'm back to picking any color I want. I've done blue, so I'm trying to decide what else to go for. I might just give the purple one more shot. If that doesn't work... I'll do something else. Or, if Matt is lucky enough I'll just let it all wash off. I will have to admit though. It's a little addictive! So to those who kept asking for a picture of the blue... this is all I have. You really couldn't see it, despite what Matt said. I even circled it to help out. Yes, that is blue you see! Maybe. If you can see it!

Friday, February 6, 2009

If I posted any more

I have a feeling, No, I know this is what my husband was going to do if I kept posting any more pictures on my blog that weren't "us". :)

But first I just have to point out that this is my blog. I didn't start it to be the "family blog" although most of what I post is about my family. I just wanted something for me, and of course, I have to post pictures of my kids because they are such a HUGE part of my life! Besides, have you found a post on here that he did? Nope. So really, I am still putting my foot down that this is mine! But as a compromise....

I went ahead and started another blog for the photos I do for/of others. Maybe this will keep us all happy? It's worth a shot! So anyway, bookmark the other one too, and please feel free to check out, leave feedback and whatever. I LOVE hearing from all of you no matter what you say! The link is on the top right, or follow it below. But PLEASE don't forget me here too! Love you all!