Friday, February 22, 2008

I was tagged (by name even... !)

Things on my To Do list...
1. Figure out how to make these dang bracelets I'm working on
2. Laundry, but I think that's a permenant list item
3. Update pictures in their frames
4. Make some returns to some stores
5. Bay the bills and update our budget

If I were suddenly a billionaire...
1. I would pay tithing (I didn't think of this first, but after reading Heather's I realized this is what I would do first, so decided it was okay to copy
2. Pay off our student loans! That might take the whole billion however
3. Put money away for the kids and our future
4. Hire a house cleaner (small fee for the relief it would provide!)
5. Definitely set up some family vacations to Europe

3 Bad Habits I have...
1. Chew the inside of my cheek when stressed
2. Stay up until all hours of the night
3. Grind my teeth at night... which I can't help... and it doesn't bother me, just Matt!

3 Places I have lived...
1. Utah (Provo, Brigham, Logan)
2. Ohio (Bay Village, West Lake)
3. Michigan (Fenton)

5 Jobs I have had...(that paid a $) (Best job is wife, mommy and friend)
1. Candy girl at Walker theatre in Perry
2. McDonalds
3. Customer Service Rep for Sprint PCS
4. Trainer Sprint PCS
5. Spokes model for Tide and Olay

6 things most people don't know about me... (I really think people know most there is to know, but I'll give it a shot)
1. I brush my teeth while in the shower... it's really much more effecient!
2. I cannot live in the color blue. I love it in other homes, just not mine.
3. I am addicted to Flavor Ice/Otter Pops. Whatever you want to call them
4. I really want to go skydiving
5. When I was younger my eyes were a silver grey color
6. I love Sherbet ice cream.

3 of my goals in the next two years...
1. Start some type of buisness
2. Have this Family Night thing down
3. Actually be consistantly working out.

I now tag...Becki and Jo

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danielkanigan said...

You are so cute. When did you do the spokes model thing? I don't remember that!