Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And that makes 26

The whole reason Matt's parents came in was because Bug was getting baptized (although we'll just say it's because they missed us so much!) into our church. Instead of baptizing when they are infants, our church waits until they reach the age of 8 because at that point, they are old enough to make the decision if they want to or not. And they are also old enough to be held accountable for their actions. And another thing we do a little differently is that we baptize by full submersion under water. It's really neat.

So Saturday Sept, 4th was going to be the big day. After we had a few days of calm with Matt's parents, in came everyone else. My Parents, my Grandparents, my Aunt and uncle, and my bff from Alabama (well, from way before then really) all came in from out of town. Then we had those in town as well. It was awesomely insane! At the church we had so many wonderful friends and family who were there to support Dylan and share their love. Then afterward we had a smaller crowd of 26 at the house to continue the fun. Sadly, we missed my Aunt and Uncle in the picture (they slipped out to change clothes) and if we didn't take a group picture when we did... we wouldn't have gotten one. So I'm sorry you two!!! The party most naturally wrapped up with all the guys taking a trip to watch Nascar. Yup. They loved it. But most importantly BUG loved it! It was such a wonderful day. Thank you everyone for making it the special day that it was!

So here it is. Bug and his dad all ready for the big event!

What? Rain, here?

So the last couple of weeks have been crazy, busy, fun, exhausting, and wonderful all at the same time. It all started with Matt's parents coming in for a week. We had to share them for a bit with Matt's brother down south (I know, really.. how rude!) but we got them here for a bit too. We LOVE having them come and visit, and they are really very easy going. Besides, they helped fix our kitchen table crisis! :) But there was a funny moment, where I just had to laugh. We had all planned on going to see a laser show at stone mountain. Us, Matt's parents, Matt's brother and his family, and Matt's cousin and her family were all going to watch the show. We stopped by KFC on the way, planning to have a great picnic on the grass, watching the kids play, and enjoying the family time until the show started. The minute we parked the car, a torrential down-pour hit, like only it does here. But we were all really hungry. So 10 of us piled into our mini-van to eat the KFC. Grandma Dotti did a lot of dishing up for everyone, and the rest of us did a lot of eating. :) Luckily the rain stopped. So we piled out like a clown car, and started getting all the blankets ready for the blanket. Then the rain came again. Good thing we hadn't made it but a few parking stalls aways. We all piled back in. One of the nice things about the rain here, other than the awesome amount of buckets that drop, is also the fact that usually it lasts for a short time. And it did. So once again we piled out of the car and headed out to meet the rest of the party already out on the grass waiting. We had just walked far enough that there was no turning back, and the downpour hit. Again. To the rescue was a pavilion area that was covered! So in we ran. I think everyone had about had it, and the clouds looked like it was only going to get worse. But once the rain stopped... we kept in going. While 90% of the people were heading out, there we were heading in. But guess what. It didn't rain again. So other than walking through mud instead of grass, and a few of us going home with very wet clothes (turns out he waterproof backing on the blanket, wasn't so waterproof after all!), it worked out great. And with the crowds a lot smaller than usual, it was actually really nice. Yay! So here are the two picture I have of the entire crazy night. My flash is not working right on the camera, so I gave up on pictures. But these two were while we were waiting under the pavilion, waiting out yet the third storm. I love nights like these. Much better memories!

riding on two

So Bug finally decided he was ready to learn to ride a big boy bike! And in the same fashion as he does anything else... he waited until he knew he could do it, and then just did it. Matt went out there on two different occasions, holding the back bike seat trying to keep the kid balanced. Then next you know Dylan asked the next day to go and ride his bike. He did, by himself, and has never looked back! Not even a week on the bike and he's been going off the curbs and through everything he can. It's pretty amazing, fun, and scary. I'm just waiting for that first big crash. But it's amazing. I'm proud of that kid!! I was beginning to think this day would never come. :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My last's first...

So this was a big day. MY BABY went to her first day of school. It was a little hard for me, but I was so excited for her at the same time. And she really wanted to go. So here she is, in all her glory. She couldn't wait to get there, although once there.. she didn't quite want me to go. Her teacher got her busy working on a puzzle... and she was concentrating very hard on it to make herself not cry. And she did it. Not a tear, from either of us!! And I wish I had a video of her when I picked her up. She was SO proud of herself, and was so excited to tell us about everything. She felt like such a big girl. Which, as much as I am not ready to admit,
She is. She really is a big girl now.