Friday, March 27, 2009

something said

(while pulling out of the driveway to pick bug up from school and seeing the first tulip in our yard)
Ase: "Look mommy! You painted the flowers!!!!"

And another funny thing that happened today (however, this may be TMI, so if easily offend, please stop now), didn't happen until all the kids were in bed. I sat down on the toilet seat and I literally slid right off! Bug had taken the squirt bottle (and yes, thank goodness I'm POSITIVE it was water) and sprayed the entire thing down until it was covered. Why? No clue really. But I will tell you. If you ever want to get your husband back... spray down the toilet seat. It's grossly slippery. Not something you desire from a toilet seat!

And I did spare you a picture of that, but here is a flower from today. It was pouring ALL day and although the color is iffy, I loved how it caught the water drips. But I am SOOO ready for some sun. Please!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Catching up

So I have stacks of photos piled up here, from my last couple of weeks while I disappeared. Being sick is NO fun, and it takes a bit for me to get back into things. I'm still not feeling great, but have discovered most of it at this point is now the allergies. Darn spring! But it is good to functioning at least though! These were from last Sunday. We went on a walk to the park/field across the street. Not the prettiest place, but someplace. And Matt was having fun teaching, or trying to teach the kids how to correctly throw a frisbee. It is harder than it looks, if your 6 that is!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

roller something or other

I figured I'd leave us all on a happier note, because we don't want to dwell on the unhappy to long, so here's another update. But to those comments on the last. Thanks! I'm glad to know my ramblings made sense to others who are outside of this crazy head of mine!

So I could have called it roller "skating", but we aren't quite to that point yet. We took the kids skating for the first time, at their cousins birthday party. Both girls have wanted to pretty badly, and Nutmeg was more than happy to get out there and give it a try. I handed the camera over before fixing the settings for everyone... so what you see is what we got! But hey, no complaints here. Really! Some of them actually turned out really cool, in a funky kind of way. You'll see.

I will say sadly this is the only photo of Nutmeg (although a kind of cool effect) out on the floor skating. Good butt shot here.... She has watched a lot of "Super Y" on PBS (cute show if you haven't seen it) and really thought she'd be out there like "Wonder Red". Mmmmm. Not quite yet. She'd practiced at home on the really little kid skates, and figured she had it down. And she was fairly disappointed when we left, that she wasn't that good yet. But she'll get there. Maybe. She gets so caught up in everything else, she forgets about what her feet are doing and she goes all over the place. I'm sure we were some good entertainment.

And Ase here. I knew she'd be game. I was willing to put money on it. It took a little coaxing at first, but I mean little. We had to wake her up from her nap in the car, however one look at what everyone was doing and she HAD to do it. And I'll tell you. She didn't stop but for a couple of minutes. She didn't even want birthday cake. Just more skating. And yes, she has the very beginner skates, but quite frankly, she was the best one out there of the three. And she just kept wanting to go faster and faster. There was one point she even starting trying to "experiment" to see what would happen. Say, if she were to lean way forward. Or way back. Or what if she lifted one foot off the ground. It was pretty funny because you could watch her concentrate on each move she did to see the result. She even squatted all the way into a sitting position and just started laughing at herself. It was good! And I love how this picture actually got her expression (and another with the cool effect)!

So my man here. Neither had been to a roller rink before, so I'd like to point out the SHOES on Matt. Nice. He tells me to get the skates, and I'm out there with the kids trying to keep them up while on skates, and it turns out he was in shoes most of the time!!! Why I otta....
Anyway, Bug was Hilarious to watch! I mean it. He was like a fish out of water, flopping every which way with no control, and for some reason, looked like he must have been really slippery. Because that kid was NOT going to stand up! It took us a lot of time, a very patient Aunt, and some very sore back and shoulders. But we got it. He can now stand verticle on the skates!!! Yup. That's all we were going for! Next, we'll work on just the death grip with one hand instead of two! If only Matt had his skates on then. I would have LOVED to see how that went. He did put them on toward the end, but I'm telling you. Most of the hard work had already been done. And Bug, sorry I didn't have the flash on.. so no "cool" photo of you. Because, yea; all the other ones were...very...intentional. ;)

I was so sore the next day. Church, in heels was a little painful!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Do you ever feel invisible. Or maybe like you just don't belong somewhere, but that somewhere is where you are supposed to be? It seems, for me, there are these places. It doesn't matter how many times I visit here, or my intent when going. I come out the same person. The person who wonders where they have disappeared too. But how do we change the visit? I could change me to fit the situationa round me. Become seen. Or do we want to change really? If we are happy who we are, then maybe it's okay to be invisible sometimes. Maybe, it's not for you to be seen at that time. Maybe, just maybe, it's someone else who needs to be seen. And that's not always a bad thing. Just hard to swallow. Really hard.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

trying to get better

It's been so long since I've posted anything, and I don't like it. But I just can't seem to get back into it. I think it's because I haven't been feeling the best, and that could be the reason. I must have looked like I was having a blast in my misery because my youngest isn't feeling good now either. Granted, we have completely different things. Mine a cold, and her's teething, but now we are both miserable at home. Now are the times I'm glad kids are off to school for part of the day, but getting them there.... there has to be a better way! So anyway, instead of posting any of the pictures I've been piling up to post, I just couldn't help posting these about Ase. Right before she got sick, she was completely flirting with the camera. And I think I just miss this smile right now! We're almost back! So until then, I'll just keep looking at this happy face while snuggling with the most snuggable little thing around. :)

(this one is my favorite because this is her surprised look! i happened to have the camera on her right when she thought she was going to fall off the chair, and this face is the result of such moments. just look at those EYES!!)

Friday, March 6, 2009

A few years away

Okay, so I actually do know this is more than just a few years away, but I might have caught a glimps of what Ase is going to look like at, oh say around the age of... 80? Matt had this wig and the glasses from some skit they had to do at a work function (-and he thinks I get to just play all day?? ) and I talked her into putting them on. Once on though, she couldn't get enough of herself in the mirror, and actually WANTED me to take pictures of her. It was hilarious! So there you go. A good look into the future. I hope I look that good! :)