Thursday, October 15, 2009

where did the sun go?

it's been hard around here to stay motivated. the sun has disappeared for quite awhile now. we saw it for a few, and then gone, yet again. but today will be good. i'm making it good. who needs the sun anyway (besides all living life forms. i'm not talking about them). i have my list of things to get done. and they will. well on the way already. this isn't a huge overly developed list. i tend to do that and fail before i can begin. this is attainable and doable. must be done. so here i go. and i'm leaving all blinds and curtains shut. why? so i can just imagine the warm sun out there. maybe that will help. i guess on a good note, it's not dumping rain right now!

Monday, October 12, 2009

When the dust settles

So, we haven't made it too far. The stairs have been sanded. They've been ready for the next step for the last week. I just haven't made it to the store to get supplies. Sigh. This is when it's hard with kids. They are napping, need rides, in bed for the night, need to eat. Something. So here is how we've sat. {crossing fingers} We'll have it done sometime this week. So until then, here are the pictures of sanding. My men at work. See, this is how you do it. Start it, and then pass it over. Sorry for the butt shots. The best is that layer of dust. Can you see that? ALL OVER THE HOUSE. So glad I deep cleaned two weeks ago. Totally worth it. Right.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Let there be light

Si I guess I really don't have that much to talk about, although I really wanted to say something. I seem to be so busy lately, but it's a good busy. Taking pictures, going to class, running the kids everywhere, birthday parties, church stuff. You know the grind. And lucky for me this week I had one of my favorite people in the world at my house. :) Love her and her fam to death. So that was awesome. My kids (and well me too) were sad it was so short. And get this. We went up to the pumpkin patch and totally forgot the camera. I suck! Luckily we're going up there again on Monday. Maybe Wed on early release day, if we dare wait that long. The longer you wait, the less there. So we'll see! Anyway, I guess I'll put on a few photos I took for class. This one was a fun assignment. Light drawing! Just wish I was taking more pictures of MY kids for a change!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bored, and didn't know it

I just couldn't take it one more day. Really. I stood at the bottom of my stairs, with my list of things to do, in hand, and just couldn't bring my self to do it for an other day. I will no longer vacuum those stairs. They have been in desperate need of a re-do, and I just hadn't bucked up to the challenge. This was the day. The same day I had a million other things that really did need to be done. But no. I threw a fit, and this is how it looks. Because of this temper tantrum, I now have 7 blisters, and almost ready stairs. Matt can't get back into town early enough. I have a project waiting for his help. Wahoo! It's been way to long since we've done this. I forget how happy it makes me. :)

(Okay, so this is the before, but I have to give the disclaimer that I had already started ripping out the
upper stair carpet. So all that mess in NOT how our stairs usually look. I swear!!!)

I know you're dying to see how they turn out. You are, aren't you! Give me the weekend and hopefully we'll be looking at those beauties next week. Or, at least somewhat more beautiful. :)