Monday, February 4, 2008

Just one more thing

So I was sent this email. A challenge as a memorial to our belated prophet Gordon B. Hinkley. To read the Book of Mormon in 97 days. That is how old our prophet was when he finally joined his wife. That's 5 pages per day. I barely made it when Hinkley challenged us to read it in a year. 97 days? So I did it. Completely lacking in confidence of myself, I did it. I decided, along with the currently over 16,000 others on this quest. It's been said this could be a "set-up" to get your information. But I figured, what is there to loose. You don't give any information out, so why not try it. What's the worst that can happen, you read the book? If this were a set up, then the jokes on them. Look at all of us who are going to be reading more than we have in a long time, while they think they are going to "get us". Bring it on! I've managed to completely de-junk and organize my house. I've managed to keep it clean for over 3 weeks straight now (with a trip in the middle of it) and if I can't do this, then none of that other stuff matters. Here is where I will find out where my priorities are. Wish me luck! No. Wait. I won't need luck. This is something I WILL do! Maybe you should too. Good night!

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