Monday, February 25, 2008

Elements in Dancing

I put on some music Saturday for the kids to dance to. They LOVE to dance to music. Nutmeg even had to go and get her "dance costume" on so she could dance. Funny how the clothing makes such a difference! I had been dancing with the girls when Bug decided he was missing out on all the fun. I was exahusted (yes, this is a sign I'm getting old) and decided I would just let Bug take it over. Little did I know he really would. Nutmeg grabbed his hands to start bopping around like we'd been doing, when he explained he was going to teach her how to "dance for real". He then placed her hand on his shoulders and his on hers. They danced around the floor like that. And every now and then he'd take her hand and twist her around, bringing her hands back to his shoulders. It was such a grown up thing for such a little kid to do. I didn't teach him this, and he didn't learn in it school (trust me I asked!) but he definitely knew how to slow dance. I grabbed the video camera for which he was very willing to perform, but naturally the battery was dead. So this was all I was able to get. Man, he's gonna get all the girls when he gets older!!


nicole said...

That is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen!! What a nice brother. I wish your video camera was working, Oh man!

Becki Kanigan said...

What a sweetheart. I need a little girl for my boys to dance with! I liked your post yesterday too. I completely agree!

Michelle said...

How cute is that!!!