Friday, July 30, 2010

Really we missed it

So we took off on this awesome trip to the country side. We got a cabin on a lake up near the Christian Islands. It was beautiful up there, and the cabin was a last minute steal. We couldn't find anything anywhere. ANYWHERE! Amazingly one of the rentals called back saying they didn't rent out one of their large cabins and we could have it for a fraction of the cost. Done! Matt had been heading to work, but quickly turned around, came home and helped pack, and we were off.

Without the camera.

I was so upset, it feels silly now. But really, I felt like I had left a child back home or something. This whole time in Canada I really wanted to get pictures of the kids up in the country side. I love what the photographers here are able to capture in just the every day life around them. Here was my chance, and I left it at home. Thank goodness for a husband who helped me learn to just laugh about it. So it quickly became a joke. A painful joke at times. But a joke. "This would be such an amazing picture if only I had my..." or " wait, let me get a picture of that. Oh...." or "wow, wouldn't that just be the perfect picture, right there..." Ah. O-well. We snapped a few on our phone and called it good. Guess that's all we can do. It really was beautiful though. The moutains, the lake, the cabin. We Kayaked with the kids, and actually had to light the fire place in the cabin during the mornings and evenings (i know, all my southern friends... please don't hate!). It was the perfect weekend, and non of us wanted to go home. But there it was.
Sunday, we were headed back home, and it was BUG'S BIRTHDAY!!! I still can't believe he's 8!!! We usually celebrate the birthday on that day at all costs, but this one really would have stunk, and he actually opted to wait until Monday. Good call kiddo!

And since we didn't manage to get any pictures of the kids on the lake, or the sunsets, or anything of such.. here are some of the kids and, well, water. Close?

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