Saturday, July 3, 2010

In the Centre

Okay, I take it back. This one has a million pictures! :) The day before Niagara we went to Centre Island. The ferry was cheap, the view was beautiful, and the atmosphere was worth spending the entire day there. They have a little amusement park here, which if course the kids were begging for some rides. Those were the most expensive rides ever. I think they need to have some words with the ferry to learn how things should run. All in all though, we had a great time.

We fed the geese for quite a while. At one point, they were trying to climb on our laps!

Ase wanted to ride a goose (and can I tell you, she waited 1.5 hours in line while having to go to the bathroom just so she could. impressive determination!)

The older two drove their first car;

Bug had his first bumper car experience (you could tell he was a little stressed, but enjoying it. however... notice dad? he was loving being out there with his boy who was finally tall enough!);

Nutmeg had to ride a horse (as if she never does at home!);

watched the ducks and geese some more;

and made funny faces while being stuck in lines. forever.

We ate some pretty awesomely bad-for-you-but-tastes-oh-so-good food;

tried to get the kids to puke- it didn't work;

and left the directions up to the girls. they did a decent job...

until the war. there was a casualty, and although it doesn't look it... it was really deep. there is currently a scar we are hoping will continue to disappear. she was a trooper though.

We tried to see the other side;

played at the beach;

skipped rocks in the lake;

ran from waves(?);

dug for sea shells, with non to be found;

gave some high-fives;

took the ferry back to Toronto with an awesome view;

and best of all.... got to drive one of the Pirates of the Caribbean boats. ;) I'm dreaming of Johhny Dep right now..... you know at some point, he had to have touched that same wheel... *sigh*

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