Sunday, August 1, 2010

A birthday in the sky

All Bug wanted to do for his birthday was to go to the CN tower. The largest tower in the world. And not just see it of course, but go up it. He'd been staring at this thing out of the apartment window for so long, we figured we had to do it! So off we went. First we get to take the subway, which I don't care how often we do it... they never tire of the excitement. Something about going underground, and the screeching brakes. The frequent stops with everyone getting on and off. It's just too much fun!

Someone had given us the great advise to eat at the restaurant at the top. It's not that much more, you get a meal, and you skip all the lines. You didn't have to tell us twice! And it really did end up being the best option. We got a table right by the window. And this wasn't just any restaurant. It was a revolving one. So the floor was spinning around, so you basically got a 360 view of the city, 110 floors down. It was pretty cool. Well, other than the fact that I was a little motion sick most of the time in there. I actually had to make Matt switch me seats because I couldn't handle facing the way I was. But the kids just LOVED it! We actually were in there for about 2 hours. We were in no rush because the kids were just enthralled. Besides, we payed for it, right?

This was Dylan most of the time at dinner. In a complete trance. Their favorite was watching the airport. They got to see the planes land on the water and all the helicopters. It was cool!
And of course we got to sing Happy Birthday to him! And can I tell you, that was the BEST vanilla ice cream we've ever had. Ever!

After dinner we went to the glass floor. Nutmeg wouldn't even get on it at all (there were a lot who wouldn't!), and Dylan was a little tenative but checked it out. Ase, on the other hand, was in her element. While we were trying to convince the other kids to get on and look, I look up to see Ase jumping on the glass. "Look mom, I can see everything! And I can even jump on it!" Yup. That would be her. She saw some people laying down looking out, so decided to try it. I literally had the drag her off the floor. She did not want to leave. It was funny how many comments we got. Obviously it's not something you see a lot in kids up there! I have to admit though, it was a completely trippy feeling. :)

The minute we hit the Subway home, Ase was out. She was SO tired and exhausted!

And here's the birthday kid! He was so good to wait until the end of the day to open presents. We just knew he wouldn't want to leave them if we opened them before going to the tower. So he waited. Can you tell he's a little excited?

The gift. No, wait. Ahem. The gift. This is what this kid wanted more than anything else. And he's been asking for a long time for one. We don't normally go for this, but it was a big birthday this year... but man. What did we get ourselves into? Happy Birthday Bug!!!!


Michelle said...

Your kids are brave! I would have a hard time with that!

likeschocolate said...

When we went in the tower. I couldn't walk on the glass. I was too scared.