Monday, July 5, 2010

Keeping pace?

I know. It's a little insane. First, I wasn't here. Now I just keep adding, and adding. Trying to play catch-up before we're home and back to the craziness. I'll never catch them up if I don't do it now! Besides, it's perfect because I'm actually cataloging the photos away as I go, which I usually end up doing months at a time and it takes forever. So here's to being on top of things! Well on top of originally being behind and now catching up. Wahoo!!

This was one of the kids favorite places while in the hotel. It was just a little park, with splash fountain and a jungle gym. They couldn't get enough. It was this.. or the hotel pool EVERY DAY! But hey. They were happy, so I was happy!

And this is just to show you we really were living in China town. We went to a local mall.. and this is what all the stores looked like. Couldn't read a think anywhere, and the smell of all the herbs everywhere was so strong we really didn't stay too long. We did however find the Japanese candy my dad got us all addicted to from when we were younger and he worked in Japan for a bit. Delish! And much easier than a flight across seas!

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Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

oh my gosh, i would've LOVED that. i bet you got all kinds of goodies there! i know my money would be shot! hahaha