Sunday, July 4, 2010


Warning: mature audiences only:
Or, Viagara Balls, as my kids would call it (can i tell you this? is this even aloud on here?). They had to clue...I promise! They were back there mixing up letters on a bunch of different words. Anything they could think of really... and for some reason, they got stuck on this one, thinking it was hilarious. I will say, we quickly found a distraction, especially since we were moving into public hearing range. Okay, so onto something more appropriate...

We went to Niagara Falls! The kids LOVED it! I'm sorry, but there happen to be nearly a million pictures, so I narrowed down the best I could.

I think the kids could have stared at the rainbows all day. And the fact that there was as double one was twice as good. Naturally!

We even drug the kids under/behind the falls. They went protesting, and all but Ase loved it in the end. Knew the would. ;)

then we took them up the Skylon tower. Nutmeg was really fighting this one, she tells us she's scared of heights. But once up there I think she forgot and actually loved it. This little one on the other hand isn't scared of heights at all. She was going to give me a heart attack! Who cares that those very reinforced steel rods could by chance just collapse and you could fall to the ground to splat like a bug. Nope. Look at her up there. Not a care in the world.

we tried to tell her it wasn't working, but she was determined to take a peek. Next thing I know, this is how we find her. At least she's independent. She wants it done, she'll do it!

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Michelle said...

Looks like fun! Those pictures are gorgeous!