Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day four and counting

First thing in the morning, we woke up and went to the museums. Of course we hit the Air and Space. The kids enjoyed it, but I think we took a little too long in there. We tried to see it all, and shouldn't have just hit the best parts (assuming we knew what that was). We completely exhausted them, and it had been a long night before that traipsing around. Way too much walking for them! So really, there aren't any good pictures. It was just get through it mode (for us at least. Bug was eating it all up. I think he could have spent days there. Such a guy!) for the girls. After that we headed to the Natural History (you know.. from Night at the Museum). Just knowing we were going to where the movie was, the kids perked right up. And yes, the girls did much better. Animals and bones are much more exciting then planes and war stuff! Here, I think we discovered what Nutmeg is going to be when she grows up besides and Olympic swimmer. She's going to be a forensic scientist. She is fascinated with death, bones, and how and why. The museum was closing and I couldn't drag her through that area fast enough. We missed half the museum because she was finally in HER element. Who's child is this!?!? lol

So sadly, here are our two pathetic pictures, one from each stop. Have to remember to much better next time. :(

And then we were off. Again. This time heading to Chapel Hill NC. This also was (everyone in unison now) 4 hours away. We got in late at night and crashed.

Here is the view outside on our drive

And the view from the inside. And no, I won't make you pick which is better looking! But notice the smiles on them? They are good travelers, but I think these smiles were there mostly because we were ALMOST HOME!! (relatively speaking)

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