Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home Run!

Next morning we woke up and dropped some goodies off for my brother. He's on a church mission there, but sadly we couldn't meet up with him... so we dropped off some of his favorite treats, hoping the neighbors wouldn't steal them off his door knob, and headed on home. This drive was 6 hours I think. But that was it. We were home!!! It was so good, but weird to walk in the house. Funny the things that for a short time you forget all about, but the walk in and it all starts coming back. 5 days isn't too bad. Right? I could have thrown a few more things in there, but for some reason Matt thought he had to worked. Dang jobs anyway! And lets just say, since then, it's been mayhem. We had a week to get ready for school. Yikes! And know what... this is a post without a picture. WOW. Don't know how I feel about that! If I had the motivation I'd scrounge up some random picture, but I don't. So you'll have to just close you eyes and come up with your own. :)

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Sounds like a fun road trip! Well, minus all the hours in the car. But you got to see a lot of fun things. :)