Saturday, August 7, 2010

The start of a LONG journey home

i think I have to much of my Grandma in me. She will just see a sign for something and want to venture off and find out about it. I've heard stories about road trips with her, but haven't witnessed this first hand yet. :) I suppose I also have my dad and Grandpa too. They enjoy driving. Both drove truck for years. But could just, well, drive. And my dad's mantra was always, "look out your window and enjoy the scenery". As a kid, you wanted to kick him. But now I do just that! So somehow, our 10 hour drive home turned into, well... lets just say a LOT more than 10 hours. Normally the route would take you from Canada, through Detroit, and then just straight down. But here's how WE did it.

Day 1... We didn't go through Detroit at all. We went the other way, through Niagara and Buffalo NY. First stop, Palmyra, NY. The kids hadn't been, and who knew when we'd be up here again. So off we went. It was great to see all the church historical sites with them, and it was only about a 4 hour drive to get there. Totally do-able.

After Palmyra we headed over to Cleveland Ohio. Couldn't resist seeing our first home away from home. We still love it there and were extremely home sick driving around there. If I didn't want to tarnish our perfect memory of it, we might ever consider moving back. But it was too good the first time to mess it up the second! We spent the night and spent Sunday getting to see some old friends whom we haven't seen in YEARS. It's so crazy how our friends never seem to change, but the kids. Wow. Way too big! We left that afternoon and headed back over toward Penn Sate. Yes, I know. Completely back tracking. But hey, just another 4 hour drive. We knew we could do that!

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