Friday, August 6, 2010

This is where it all went down

Want to know what we lived in for the summer? No, want to see where we lived for the summer? After the hotel stint, we got the great little two bedroom apartment. We actually had a kitchen, our own washer and dryer, and there were two more beds. We lived the downtown city life, with than just the parking lot for a view out the window. Sadly, bug had the floor the entire time, but that was his choice. We offered the couch and he declined. Yes, he's nuts... and we're horrible parents. Who puts their kids on the floor for an entire summer!! lol So here it is. Who would have thought we could survive in something so small. :) And want to know how I pack a suitcase for the kids, in which I will have to keep their clothes for the summer? Here you go. Each had their own row. Everything stacked on it's side so I could always see what there was and what I wanted. It actually worked really well and was easy to keep up. This is what I always do when we travel with them. Beats shoveling clothes around looking for what you need... or 3 different suit cases. Pathetic? Yes. A little too organized as my husband would say. Probably!

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