Tuesday, June 15, 2010

is it too much to ask ;)

for a little more space?

Haha! It really wasn't that bad. To be honest, I was dreading the whole hotel thing. I was being kind of a pain about it, but I'm also one that will just tough it up and be a brat at the same time. So that's what I was doing, but trying to leave out the brat part. But really, it worked out well. We had a suite, which was one actual bedroom, and then a living room with a pull out bed. It had a large kitchen table (which I did find odd since there was no kitchen. Just the mini fridge), but the space it gave us was greatly appreciated. I have found that my kids need a lot less than they have at home and they've been more occupied then ever. I don't understand that. I've also managed to get them all asleep in the same room. In the hotel it worked great. Here was the plan. In the morning at breakfast I was the one taking the kids down since Matt was already at work. So it was a slow-ish process. So the first one to sleep got to be the first one I'd help get breakfast for at the buffet. The last asleep was the last for breakfast. Worked like a charm. Pretty soon they were even pretending to be asleep so they could be first. Either way, I didn't care. They were in bed and quiet.. and that's all that mattered!

So we had about 3 weeks in that hotel... and although the city wasn't the funnest, it really did go by much quicker than I thought it would. The only issue was (well other than matt's birthday cake) was that I couldn't get my computer to run CS4 and my Quicken I so badly needed. So 2 laptops later, and 3 programs, with two different comp techs and we finally got it working. Yea!!! After that, it was all smooth sailing! Here it is though, a small glimpse into some of our days. I didn't take a lot of pictures, seeing as the subject, and scenery seemed to nearly always be the same. especially since we have just over a week of clothing... it always looks as if the same outfit is on!
(here's the kiddos in bed at the hotel)

I'll just say I was really thankful when she lost those nose plugs the first time she went in the pool. I didn't know how many trips to the pool I could take her looking like THIS!

This was the BEST fish and chips joint! Look at that thing, it takes up the entire plate! The fish was huge, the chips were great, and it was a first for the kids. Mmmmm....

Drawing and coloring were a great past time of the hotel room. Funny what they will resort too when there's nothing else to do! :)

Super tired naps. This thing has officially stayed up later than ever, on a consistent basis. This school schedule is going to rough in the beginning for all of us!

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