Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Catching up

So my husband, who doesn't have to update this, has been pointing out how long it's been since I've put anything up. That... and where did the rest of Paris go? So I'm finally here to show that yes, we spent more than one day in Paris, and hopefully in the next few (i will not specify hours, days, months.. I can't be held accountable) I'll have some our summer in Canada up too. :)

On the second day, we visited the Palace of Versailles. Gorgeous. Probably one of my favorites of anything there. The entire thing was just amazing, and if you ever go.. you HAVE to make sure to visit while the fountains are going. Makes a huge difference. We saw it with both, and there is no comparison!

so this is the back of the palace, facing the gardens.

and this is part of the queens palace gardens. Yes, she had her very own palace and gardens. As if they couldn't possibly share the huge first one.

one of the most expensive rooms. mirrors, gold and chandeliers lining the whole thing. I think there were 17 chandeliers total?

I know, so cute! There are the gardens behind us. Freezing and rainy weather of course. And this was when the fountains were going. It was raining too much when they were on to take a picture. Sorry. You can't even see as far as the palace owned. The queens palace is down by the lake, but to your right a way.

this is to one side of the palace. Stretches past that lake over there. This is the small side. The other side is much larger.

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