Tuesday, June 15, 2010

happiness found here:

Nothing makes me happier than when this guy laughs. I mean, when he finds something funny, it's a real laugh. And for someone as relaxed and expressionless has him... it's worth the wait. We just took the kids to go see Despicable me. He could not stop laughing the entire time! All those little yellow guys had to do was show up on the screen and he was dying. Seriously! And here my friends, who have not been so fortunate to experience this laugh of his, is what it looks like. Take a look and tell me that won't make you happy. :)

The second best? Just check it out. She discovered this on her own, and now does it every now and then. At just the right moment to get a good laugh from you. She looks right at you, and says: "look, I made two of you!" Good, right?

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