Saturday, August 30, 2008

5's a crowd

Sunday after a long day at church (that should have been the first clue this was not a good idea) and with no pre-planning (the second clue) we decided to snap a few quick family pictures with a friend of mine. We needed one (we haven't had one taken for 3 years now -which shouldn't have been the third clue), and we had three other people who needed one for projects they were working on. So I figured, what better time! It wasn't until we were in the thick of it that I remembered why.... 5 is a crowd when it comes time to taking group pictures. Atleast these 5 are. We did end up with ONE that was okay, and a bunch that would have been good, except.. notice who's not there? Most of what we ended up with where the ones we would have to crop Her out because of the "funny" stuff she was pulling. I'm one for candid personality shots and all, but these were more than that. And to give her some break, the lighting really wasn't that great. O-well. We'll give it a try again some other day year!

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Mrs. JoAnne Mabey said...

i still think yall are one of the most beautiful famlies on the planet!!! :)