Thursday, August 28, 2008

A hurricane and a day

Thank you to the hurricane, we finally got some rain here. And it was a good hard rain for most of the day. And the next day. Once it tamed down just a little, the kids decided to head out with their umbrellas. Oh the mess to clean up when it's time to come in! I forgot what Georgia clay does to clothes. I guess we have some new play clothes at our house!

I will say, it was a blast taking pictures of the girls (Bug was there, but for some reason, I focused on the girls this day)without them even paying attention to me. And I enjoyed showing them how to walk in the water barefoot, just like when I was a kid!


Michael and Tiffany Wirth said...

I just love your pics! What do you shoot with and are you doing this professionally?

Christina said...

What beautiful pictures...those all look like Hallmark cards!

Patrick & Adrienne said...

awesome pictures. what kind of lens are you using?