Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Day of school has come

and gone. It really started on Monday, but I'm a little slow recovering from the lack of sleep (aka, me getting up before 8 am!). I am most definitely am a night owl, and will need to rework my 1 am bedtime. Back to the kids... they love being in school and Ase loves having the house to just the two of us for atleast the 3 days Nutmeg goes. It's been quite a change here, but one I think we can all get used to! I tried to take some quick pictures of the kids before school. Bug cooperated until the sprinklers turned on, so we got ONE of him and, well, you know how the other one works. I think we just talked about her and pictures a few days ago. Well, lets just say this was the best of them all. She just wouldn't give me anything else. Ahhhh, love that girl. Really- I do.

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Michelle said...

I cannot believe your kids are old enough to go to school. That seriously blows me away! I hope you enjoy your "quiet time" while they are there!