Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday today

So I had decided I was going to take pictures of the family (or atleast the younger half) every Sunday. And I did this week... I just didn't post them until today. I know, not quite the same, but hey. I'm working on this and it's what I could do. We had crazy storms all evening, and the kids were up until 9. *UGH* So everything was running a little behind last night. :) Dylan did not want to be involved in this photo op. He was claiming to not be of this family, but I didn't fall. So although they aren't what you would consider the perfect photo, I still love them because it's SO them!

*okay, and as a side note, how do you get the picture files small enough that they aren't huge without loosing the quality? Mine end up looking like this, when in reality they are pretty dang crisp, VERY frustrating I might say. :( If anyone has the anwer, please tell me!


Becky said...

I love these pictures! I think the best pictures are when the kids are just being themselves.

Stueller said...

CUTE! Your family is beautiful!