Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!!

How many people do you think are going to have that as their title of a blog? Pretty creative huh? Today was a great day. I got to sleep in (which is ALWAYS good) and I got some wonderful breakfast in bed. Matt made french toast, which was the BEST french toast I've ever had, and the kids gave me a bracelet and cards. It was sweet. Matt also made an awesome dinner with ribs and all the works to go with it. The day had gone really well... until I remembered I had to take the family picture today. It's Sunday. Ugh. It was already past bed time and it was going to be a struggle. But the kids had been in good moods, so I thought we'd give it a try. But since it was mothers day, I'll get in them too. Seems kind of fitting. And we'll just pretend it was my hubby who wanted to take a picture of me with my kids for mothers day, instead of the other way around. However, as soon as the camera came out, all the temper tantrums came out of the closets. It was crazy. Then of course batteries died and had to be replaced in the camera. All while trying to talk my hubby into taking just a few photos for me. Please everyone! So with Ase crying the whole time because she wanted to play the piano, Nutmeg upset because she didn't want to have to listen to Ase crying, Bug who really could have cared less if he was in there or not, and my guy who was minute by minute becoming more and more likely to throw the camera out the window; we snapped many pictures. None of which really worked. But wait. That wasn't the intent of this every Sunday thing. I KNOW not every one is going to work. I just have to take them. So here are a few of what we got.. and you know these are going to be the cream of the crop... so you can imagine what the others looked like. Lets just say there were a lot of fingers in a lot of noses! -and no, mine was not one of them!

Oh, and of course one of the better things to get are the cards where your kids fill in the blanks about you. Here is what my kids know about me:
*My mom is the best
*My mom is 19 years old
*Her favorite food is shcrosh (squash.. which I do love!)
*When I am at school my mom tacs car of cis (takes care of kids)
*Before I was born my mom wet to the hspitol (went to the hospital, although I did wet since I brok my water!)
*If I could get her anything I would get her a big hug
*My mom's favorite thing to do is hps with the jrnol (helps with the his school)

*Her name is Diana
*She's pretty as a flower
*She is 80 years old (gulp)
*She has brown eyes and black hair.
*She weighs 6 pounds
*She is 30 tall
*Her favorite food is pasta
*I think MOm is funny when she tickles me
*My mom is a good cook. The food she cooks best is healthy food
*I love my mom because she's pretty


Likes Chocolate said...

Happy Mothers Day! I always think it is funny what kids come up with. The French toast sounded yummy!

danielkanigan said...

Soo cute! Ase doesn't look all that excited about having her picture taken! I love how Nutmeg likes your healthy food. I'm glad you had such a good day too!