Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Family: or most of it.

So I might start something new on Sundays. Since Sunday is really a family day... maybe I'll start taking "family" pictures every Sunday. This most likely will not include Matt or I.. since someone has to take the picture. But maybe we'll work some out to accomidate. :) It shouldn't be too hard to make this a tradition should it? And it doesn't mean I have to get one that turns out, I just have to try. I have a feeling the kids won't always be so willing! So here they are. The first of hopefully many weeks. Wish me luck, and I'd love it if you joined me!


nicole said...

So cute!! I love your kid stack! Jeff is pretty was his idea. I am going to try the Sunday picture tradition. I take a lot of time on my girls hair most of the time and I never even get a picture. I just bought Brooklyn that same dress that Ase has on.. cute:) I love your pictures!!

Becki said...

I agree with Nicole. THat stack is adorable, but the first one is beautiful too! I just might join in on your SUnday tradition. I might have to cut it to once a month though, my kids would mutany.

Elizabeth Magee said...

Oh my, they are so beautiful! You have such a gorgeous family and take such beautiful pictures! That one of them stacked on top of each other is so precious, i love the little scraped elbow in there, too. really, if you want to drop by one day to take any pictures you are so welcome to, you are so talented!