Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I've been gone for a bit. I know.. this is a problem I always have. Gone for a while and then back for a while. I miss you guys when I don't get on though. I haven't been around the computer much really in the last nearly two weeks. Just getting everything ready for the end of school, a couple photo shoots thrown in there, and two camping trips. Ahh! It's sad that school is actually out. NOT because I don't want my kids at home, but because I know how much Bug really enjoyed going. And I loved working with his teacher. Camping was awesome; the kids had an absolute blast! There was some really disgusting flying beetles (and these were not little beetles) which were pretty creepy when they came out at night attacking you. And there was a really massive spider we had to battle to get across the bridge (this thing could literally walk across the top of the water. He was HUGE!) but none of it scared us off. Not even the looming weekend of rain. We stuck it out and I'm glad we did. The photo shoot went okay. I got some decent shots, but the lighting was low and I'm just not good enough with the camera settings to get it to work the way I wanted. Grr.. I guess this is how you learn though, right? I'll post some of those later on the photo blog.. but not yet. Until then, here are some oldies that I just saw again and loved. :)

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Becki said...

What a pretty girl, and way to stick it our with the southern bugs! Owen would have flipped. :)See you tomorrow!!!