Friday, May 15, 2009

a bit dIsTraCteD

It started out being an adventure to look for something for someone else. I hadn't done anything really all day, and I was actually going to do this one thing. Well, I got a bit distracted and just started having fun. It was a really bad time of day to take pictures. The sun came out of the clouds and it was hot, muggy, and sunny. Mmmhmmm. We were sweating like crazy and pulling off illegally on all sorts of roads I hadn't been down. I even fell in love with this chair for $800 flippen dollars. I'll visit it often, trust me. But the kids were begging for it to be their turn for a picture. REALLY?? Since when do they want to have their picture taken? I think they knew I didn't really have the time... so I just kept snapping a few here and there, not even setting the camera. :( So pictures aren't great... but good enough for some fun!

and my fav


Crazy Campbells said...

Hummm how to describe 4? Well I love it but I have to say it is just one more demand added on to my day. Some people say after 3 it isn't much different but it is still one more direction to be pulled. It is so fun and very worth the adorable smiles and goos from my little guy. Where is that picture of the last wall taken? Terrence is always looking for backgrouds like that. I will talk to Terrence and see what his schedule is like and get back to you on a date(s) that are possible.

Mich n Dan said...

I think it's funny when you say that the pictures aren't that great because they always are. I love the black and white one and of course the last one. So where did you go? It sounds pretty hot there, we haven't even gotten close to that kind of weather but hopefully we will soon. I could use a good sweat. I am so glad that I have gotten to know you and and your family better through your blog.

Becki said...

Yay for illegal pull offs! I'm glad you had fun and I love how rock star Nutmeg is! I love that last one too. :)