Friday, February 6, 2009

If I posted any more

I have a feeling, No, I know this is what my husband was going to do if I kept posting any more pictures on my blog that weren't "us". :)

But first I just have to point out that this is my blog. I didn't start it to be the "family blog" although most of what I post is about my family. I just wanted something for me, and of course, I have to post pictures of my kids because they are such a HUGE part of my life! Besides, have you found a post on here that he did? Nope. So really, I am still putting my foot down that this is mine! But as a compromise....

I went ahead and started another blog for the photos I do for/of others. Maybe this will keep us all happy? It's worth a shot! So anyway, bookmark the other one too, and please feel free to check out, leave feedback and whatever. I LOVE hearing from all of you no matter what you say! The link is on the top right, or follow it below. But PLEASE don't forget me here too! Love you all!

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