Sunday, February 8, 2009


I don't even like the color blue. But I guess, to be fair it was supposed to be purple. Not blue! I did like it though. A lot! I was so bored with my hair, and have always wanted to put some color in it. But my husband, as much as he is an amazing person, was completely against it. Why, I'm not sure. Not very professional he'd say. Um... hello! I work at home. How much more condusive could it be. So I decided to get some purple put in. Just a couple hidden streaks in the middle. And I wanted a really deep purple. One that you'd look at and say "Is that purple? No it's just black... wait. I think it really is purple" type of purples. Yea, it wasn't. It was blue. Very true, blue. Again, I really didn't care. But Matt really did. He just kept repeating that it will wash out soon. Which it does, sadly. But the poor guy. He's been waiting for it to disappear, which it nearly has, to find me today saying I'm going to get some more color back on there. Yea, I think he's glad to go on another trip! But now I'm back to picking any color I want. I've done blue, so I'm trying to decide what else to go for. I might just give the purple one more shot. If that doesn't work... I'll do something else. Or, if Matt is lucky enough I'll just let it all wash off. I will have to admit though. It's a little addictive! So to those who kept asking for a picture of the blue... this is all I have. You really couldn't see it, despite what Matt said. I even circled it to help out. Yes, that is blue you see! Maybe. If you can see it!


Becky said...

Diana, you are so beautiful! I love the blue. I would never have the guts to put color like that in my hair.

Becki said...

I can totally see it Dia, and I love it! (sorry Matt) I will not however, influence you on your decision for another color, because want Matt to allow me to come visit you again soon. If you have purple hair when that time comes, so be it! :)

nicole said...

That is so fun and yes very addicting!! You are such a babe and can totally pull it off:)