Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You have to start somewhere

I love watching these two play. I just wish it was more often. It seems they compete in just about everything. Who knows. Maybe this will be good for them when they get older. It will push them to succeed. Either that, or they will just have to live some distance apart! I know my mom thought she'd never see the day when my sister and I would actually like eachother. We do, so maybe I just need to be a little more patient. If only I could help them to understand how much easier it is to just enjoy things. Enjoy playing together, before time is filled with raising their own kids. Enjoy sharing things while they still live close enough to share. Enjoy learning from eachother, because yes, even the younger ones do know some things! And somehow, I wish I could help them to embrace their differences, because if they can do this... it will make them just that much stronger.

For now, maybe I'll just work with talking nice to eachother. Small steps...

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