Friday, November 7, 2008

My fourth photo

Not ever.. just the fourth in my photo folder. I am an organized freak.. if you didn't know that already, so I thought the fourth spot was going to be a folder (with a year), finding 12 more folders (for all the months of course) to which I could grab a photo from what, the first month? It worked out much easier than that. There was actually just a photo, a single photo sitting in fourth spot in the main folder. No sub-folders or sub-folders of the sub-folders. Yea! And... it's not a horribly embarrasing one to post. Whew.

I guess I should explain. I got nabbed by someone to post the 4th picture in my photo folder. No exceptions. Glad this worked out so well, and by the way, thank you for asking! Besides, now I don't have to think too hard for a blog post! This is one I took in Seattle back in 2004. I don't do landscapes, but this one is one of my all time favorites. Now it's YOUR turn....

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Be, Br, and E said...

Thanks for playing along. I knew your picture would be cool. Much better than mine.