Wednesday, November 12, 2008


They are the best. Today we took family photo's. Again. It's something we've yet to succesfully accomplish...
until today.

No, we don't have the perfect photo. There is always someone not looking toward the camera. Or someone pulling a funny face. But they are real, and real is good. Real is how it should be. So then I take that back, they are perfect. Either way. We're good now for atleast another year! I'd post a picture or two, but I'm sure we'll use one of them for our Christmas card.. so you'll just have to wait. Hopefully you're one of the lucky ones that will get one. If not, well, I'll post one for the rest of you so no one feels left out!

But as I was thinking about family and how great they are (funny how it's easy to think that way when they are all actually cooperating for even 10 minutes - which by the way is all the photo shoot took) I realized how much I do miss all our other family. my family. You take these things for granted when growing up, or still living close by home. But I don't. Not anymore. It's now been nearly 8 years since I've lived around family. Time really does go so fast. I have however been so lucky to have them come visit us every now and then. Even if we do have to twist their arm! So I guess, just thank mom and dad. I am so glad you guys came out and got to spend some time with us. It means the world to us, and of course even more than that to the kids.

Love you.


The "J" Team said...

Your kidos are so big. I can't believe it! I miss my parents too. Your mom and dad look great, you'll have to tell them hi from me.

Becki said...

My favorite is Dylans face expression. :)