Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One of these years

I will actually have a birthday ready without all the last minute stuff. Tomorrow is Nutmegs birthday, and I still don't have most of it ready. Nice. I did some last minute shopping for presents today. I'm not completely happy with what I found, but I doubt I'll have time tomorrow to fix that. I still have to put together goodie bags for her class at school (I am so glad the other two have summer birthdays!) along with some Hannah Montana cupcakes. Still haven't figured those out yet, but at least I can bake them tonight... oh wait. No liners. Mmmm. I have to decorate the house. Sounds trivial. But not here. We do it every year for all the kids. Streamers, balloons, signs. The works. We don't do a lot of "huge" parties, but instead just make the smaller ones rockin. Oh, and I still have to wrap presents and somehow come up with a CAKE for the family party. Haven't even looked into that one yet. I think this might be a store bought one. We'll have to see what I can pull together. If tomorrow wasn't early release day and everyone home by 11:30, I might be able to pull it off. But before 11..... not a chance!

So this picture is completely unreleated, but I was just happy with some new stuff I figured out on Photoshop. Yay! I thought it was pretty darn cool! And I'm really happy with the family photo shoot I shot on Sat. I just finished editing the photos. I just might post some...if they don't mind!

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