Thursday, November 13, 2008

It was warm today

and no, not outside. I guess it is slightly warmer out there today, but it's rainy. Today though, it's warm inside. I liked today. So I had to write about it before my perception possibly changed (that tends to happen once the mayhem of kids getting out of school shows up... wonder why!). But really, we didn't go anywhere today. No runs to Target or the Grocery store. No doctors appointments. Nothing. So Ase and I sat home and danced, folded laundry, danced some more, watched barney (yes this was very difficult for me, but she was entranced for her first viewing), worked on dishes together (gulp), and then dressed up. There aren't many days I feel I can slow down and just be here. I wish I did it more, although the house is glad I don't. No, I didn't get things done near as quickly as I could have, but we still got some stuff done. And it just makes me realize how much I really do love my little parrot!


Patrick & Adrienne said...

nope because that's what i do. hahah. i WISH i could afford her, but geeze her prices are RIDICULOUS! i mean, if you can you might as well charge that right? haha. but wow. :) anyway, cute kids. growing up getting old. weird. :p

Michelle said...

I can't believe how old Ase looks! Seriously makes me feel old!