Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Two eyes, two ears, two hands and two feet

And now two years!

I can't believe my "baby" is already two. I know we all say this with every birthday for each of our kids. But for some reason the speed of time never ceases to amaze. Ase is such her own little person. She has got to get into something requiring a lot of bouncing around everywhere like a spaz, because she has enough of that plus some. It'll be fun to see what she ends up doing. Danceing, Cheer (if we stay in the south probably since that is HUGE here), Gymnastics, the Circus... who knows! And she is all girl. She loves dancing, stuffed dolls, making stuffed dolls dance, and anything pretty. She was trying so hard to be "pretty" in this picture she didn't even want to move. It cracked me up. So we have a very serious, but underneath that a very happy two year old.

I will say she is the quickest kid we've had yet. She pickes up on things SO fast. She already pumps herself on a swing for goodness sake. I am still trying to help the older two to get that down! And her favorite thing to do right now is tell knock-knock jokes. No kidding. And you think they're not funny when a 5 year old tells them. Try a two year old's. We've all got that courtesty laugh down around here!

So there's my Ase. She is the most fun, outgoing little kid I've known. But of course there's always the other side to that, but we won't go there! We didn't get a lot of good photos from the birthday "party" because there were too many kids trying to help(aka, brother and sister) and Ase not pausing for a second to breath.

O-well. A cake picture is good enough.

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