Thursday, July 31, 2008

timber down

I am so excited. We are finally getting our backyard put together. Someplace for the kids to be able to go outside and play. Someplace that has a fence and grass. Up until now it's been nothing but a fire hazard and a bug incubator. We are finally clearing all that out. In the process we ended up taking out 6 trees. That was really sad, but we put in 10 more along the back. So in a few years, it won't be quite so vacant back there. The kids can't wait until they can actually walk on the new sod (pictures will come, don't you worry!), they actually call it "super grass". It's cute. Two weeks and they can have at it!!

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The "J" Team said...

The joys of putting in a yard. Jer and I don't even have a backyard right now, we have two feet of rocks around our house. But I guess I can't complain too much, we don't have to do any yard work, right? Can't wait to see pics of the new yard.