Sunday, July 20, 2008


I had the privilege of taking photos yesterday for family, and I'd dare say they turned out pretty good, despite the constant complaints! This boy did not want photos taken, no matter what. But even after it was done he said it wasn't that bad. Only 5 minutes and 27 frames. That's a lot quicker than trying to work with my kids!
The last is more the expression I saw in 97% of the other photos! Lets just say it shows.... personality!

It feels good to get some of those creative juices flowing again. Whew!


The "J" Team said...

darling blog. your kids are so cute and getting so big. that's awesome that you get to stay in georgia. when are you planning a trip to utah? looks like a fun girls weekend? where did you go? you'll have to tell becky hi. my blog is private (long story) i think i sent you an ivite, if not, let me know.

April said...

What is it with kids and getting their pictures taken? They did turn out great though! I hope you guys do come to visit, there are some really great things for kids to do here! I leave the middle of the month, so let me know. :)

Michael & Tiffany (Call) Wirth said...

So I love your blog, so so cute! And I didn't know you were into taking pics! I've always been into taking pics, but more travel stuff...recently started taking them of you said can be challenging! I had no idea we have so much in common...why weren't we better friends in high school? Oh and the book, nothing too exciting, just a childrens book. Something to maybe add a little income so I could go part time to work, hopefully it works out!