Friday, June 27, 2008

That time of year

Here we start again on the summer birthdays. 4 of us are withing just over a month of each other, and that's not including extended family. It's crazy, and we all get sick of birthday cake... but it's fun! Poor Nutmeg feels a little excluded though, hers isn't until November.

We started it off with Matt's birhthday. Yea!!! He doesn't think so, but the rest of us did! His family has the weirdest tradition. Birthday cakes aren't normal at their house. They are demented, or twisted in some way. It's almost disturbing! I remember the first birthday I saw at their house, when Matt and I were still dating. Their dad had taken a barbie, decapitating it and placing the head in the mouth of a shark. The arms coming out the sides of the shark, and the feet coming out the bottom end. I now know what would result if a barbie and a shark ever met up....

So here was Matt's cake this year. The "chlorophyll" was a little greener than expected, but it worked just fine. I may not look so good, and you really have a hard time eating a brown unexpected lump from the depths of it.... but it tasted good!!

Happy Birthday babe. We love you!