Friday, June 13, 2008

Jonah "IN" the Whale

For our church the kids all got to draw a picture for the program they pass out every Sunday. This Sunday, well which ever day is on the program, they had Bugs on there. It created quite a stir. They actually stood up on the podium and spoke about it.

About how the tale was in the shape of a heart. And what that really signified. It was pretty funny to me, because I just assumed that's how he drew the tale. No heart intended.

Either way, intended or not I thought it was pretty dang cute. They didn't ask the kids to draw anything in particular, other than their favorite scripture story. So this was all thought up in his own head. Besides, he was just glad everyone liked his picture, albeit a little embarrassed by all the attention!

Just thought I'd share the cuteness!!

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Patrick & Adrienne said...


thanks about the pictures. no, i'm not doing the wedding. although i would, i have to be a in few of the pictures and yeah, this way she'll get some actually professional pictures. haha. :p