Sunday, June 22, 2008

And that makes 8

This weekend was awesome. It was one of my best friends birthdays, so me and another best friend watched her kids overnight and all the next day. What more could a mom want that some quiet time? As part of her birthday present we took a picutre of all the kids together. Yes, we are insane for the two of us (my frined being pregnant) to drag 8 kids to Kiddie Kandids. It worked though, and they turned out really cute! The weekend was exhausting even though the kids were great, the house was a zoo, and everything was loud....

but I loved it all!

Friday night we were all just hanging out. My friend and her husband came back to claim their kids, and m other friends husband happened to have a layover here, so he joined us too. The kids were running around the house like mad, the adults were in the famiy room talking and playing Guitar Hero (Which was also loud so we could hear over the kids!) and I was just finishing up some dishes from dinner. Right then it struck me how perfect the night was. I love having people over. Especially these people. And here we all were, just hanging out. I even loved all the noise. That's how a house should be. Filled with noise. The kind of noise that shows you are having a good time. And that's what it was. I didn't want it to end!

Sad, but I think this will be the last time for a long time we'll all be in the same house together. :(


Mrs. JoAnne Mabey said...

that is such a cute picture! very nice!

nicole said...

Oh....I'm so jealous. I love you girls and what a cute picture!! I love having people over too.