Friday, May 16, 2008


So are you sick of all these photos yet? Hope not because I've got a bundle for you today!

This was our Friday, and we went on quite the adventure. We took some subways (The wrong ones unknown to us, but still got us there all the same.... somehow) to a rural city up in the mountain tops. Once to the city we took a bus to the top of the mountains, looking for some waterfalls. What do you know, they were all still frozen. If we spoke the language we would have known it was not yet the season, so instead we got to walk 2 miles down these mountain roads trying to get to a bus stop that was running. I actually enjoyed it. Not being anywhere around any city was great.

In Nikko they have some of the oldest Buddha temples (finally huh?). So here's a bunch of photos from the day.

This are fortuns you can recieve at the temple after making an offering. If you don't like your fortune you tie it to these ropes and they burn them to keep them from being granted. It seemed most people hung theirs back up. I wish I knew what they said.

Just so you know we were really there!

The rice fields. They can harvest them here throught the year. We took this through the subway window.

This was Friday night at "time square". There were lights and people everywhere. We kept commenting how it felt like a big football game just got out or something because the amount of people out walking around. It was insane!


Patrick & Adrienne said...

I LOVE Japan... and these photos just make me want to go back SO bad!!! I'm glad you had fun!

The Fishers said...

Diana! You take such beautiful pictures!!! What an amazing trip.

April said...

It looks so pretty there, and looks like you had a lot of fun! It is fun to see what you are up to since we don't get to see you guys very much.