Thursday, May 22, 2008

juSt rAndoM In jaPAn

Here are some random photos from Japan!

This is probably one of my favorite photos, since it describes their culture perfectly. It's talked about over there how the youth want to stand out, but never too much because "the nail that pokes out is the one that gets hammered down". Talk about trying to get everyone to conform.

You'd think this was a mail box because it says "post", but doesn't it look eerily like our fire hydrant?

Here is an actual subway train. I know... now you can finally see where it is that your NOT supposed to get caught in the doors! And really, once those doors start closing they DO NOT open if someone is caught. We found out the hard way. Those eyes do hurt worse than the doors!

In Nikko, walking from one temple to the next I ran into this old chair just sitting in the intersection. I don't know where the inhabitant went....

So many people walked around with face masks, we started to feel like maybe we should too. Take a minute though and think how much healthier we'd all be if we wore a mask at the sign of a cold or anything else. One of the only things we are all good at sharing, and probably the only thing we shouldn't. Sickness. ugh.

Here we are inside the underground world. There are 6 different hallways you can actually see in this photo, but probably that many more you can't. It was the most confusing but also the best way to get around. And you can definitely tell when you are swimming up-stream.

Okay, so this line for Krispy Kreme was and hour and a half long. I mean, really? And it was all locals there too. Strange.

We have no idea what this is for. It was at a corner in a main city area, just out of nowhere. This BIG american looking display, in english and in bold red. It was soooo out of place it was really funny. Everyone kept stopping to take pictures next to it. So either they knew something we didn't, they thought it was just as strange, or they were doing what we were doing and taking one "just in case" it was something important since everyone else was! Once home I googled it and here is what I found. Now I wish we'd taken one without me in it. O-well!

And that's it. So next we're on too China. Don't hold your breath..... actually you may want to hold your breath because for the next 5 days you won't be able to breath again.

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