Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The beginning of the end of the beginning

Okay, so people are complaining about not getting the story on our trip to Asia, but now that I've recovered I have to mention the most important thing...



Saturday we went to the awards ceremony, and then all day Monday we were at the graduation program. It was really nicely done, and not a corny program that some schools put on. Either way though, I think I would have loved it because it meant that we were done. No more school! My baby did it!

Now for the other big news... we don't have to move! Matt took a new job with Abbott as an Area Buisness Advisor. It's kind of like a director position, but at the same time is different. I can't tell you yet, since I really don't know. But either way, it's a new job! He turned in his two weeks to Kimberly-Clark last Thursday and his official "last day" is the 19th. This new job is here in the same city we currently live, and is even one exit closer! So now we just get to figure out what this means to be a family with two parents IN the house! I couln't be happier right now.

(and thats the relieved kind!)


Michelle said...

Yea! Congrats Matt!!!
I'm happy for you guys that you don't have to move. Good luck with the new job!

~~heatherD said...

C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S!!!!!!!! That is so awesome!! And now your home is all spiffed up too! LOL!! I am so tickled for you both!