Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Last day in Tokyo

Our last day in Tokyo started at 4 am in the fish market. We could not believe how much fish went through this place, and it was so busy with workers you really had to watch out or you'd get run over. They take the fish from being still alive all the way to packed and rolled as sushi, ready to be bought at the store. There were a lot who ate some of the sushi right from there, but after watching all of this, and smelling all of it, I just couldn't stomach it. O-well. One thing I won't have done! We had a bunch more pictures, but thought we'd spare all of you the details!
Later in the day we headed over to Asakusa. This is where much of the shopping is done for the china. It was packed with people, but was fun to experience. We bought some cookies they made at one of the booths, which weren't that bad. The cream center was made of beans... who would have thought...
There's also a view in here from the top of the building next to our hotel. This is the never-ending view of Tokyo we looked at every day. Pretty amazing.

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