Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day Three, A stroll through the gardens

This day came at a perfect time in the trip.
I was tired of walking around the cities with these "shoppers" and just wanted to enjoy what there was to see in Japan.
So me and a new good friend (who's music you really need to check out here) just took off with the two of us, our subway passes and our cameras. And of course I can't forget the good conversation! The gardens were so gorgeous. We ran into a darling group of school girls who had a blast trying to talk to us. We found many old ladies painting in the gardens. Discovered how they keep the trees up once the branches get too long, which is what gives them their unique shape. And found the biggest flower I've ever seen. It was bigger than the palms of both hands places side by side.
If you look at some of the skylines, you'll still see the buildings in the background... which was strange to be someplace quite the opposite of everything surrounding it, but being able to see both at the same time.

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